New Event Partner Proshar
New Event Partner Proshar

With proshar, in our opinion we have the best partner you can get for a paintball festival! We get our own custom formular paint in perfect quality and always fresh for each event
our own unique camo colored paint for the scenariobiggame in perfect quality – the paintball heaven !

We have 3 different quality types for our customers,

1. Normal eventpaint for all markers , round and nice
2. Our Magfed formular, a little bit stronger for magazines
3. High end eventpaint, i little bit more expensive but the best you can get!

“ A new quality in paintball games ”
GRIP Paintball Magazine
“ the Number 1 Paintball Biggame in Europe”
Szenario Paintball Magazin
“ it was amazing i will come back!”
the hidden hedge hog