Game Concept

The ScenarioBigGame`s game concept is a result of over 20 Events now and takes the different needs of the players into account. We are the only one who has two biggames at the same time – The SBG Big Game for All and the Magfed Big Game for the magfed players, so everyone has the perfect adventure and fun but both groups can have a festival together. The Main Scenario is GU against TT Saturday with full biggame day ( 1 mission in the morning – 1 mission in the afternoon )
Every day is full of adventures and missions, there are nightgames, zombie games, pistol sideevents, special fun games and brand new – the cqc action at the hive , our big ww 2 bunker ! – So we have paintball fun for everybody! 

The ScenarioBigGame is the only event with real tanks IN GAME! Yes you are right the tanks are live in the game! And not a few old cars who are named „tank“ no! We have a T 55 main battle tank , a brdm2 and praga tank and a ot 64 right in the GAME!
This is something for the bucketlist you never forget!

The two teams who fight against each other are called guerillos unitd and team tactic, the guerillos are a free player who have fun together , the tt are more strikt an work together like a army! So choose your team and win!There are also special features in the game:

Artillerie , the teams can order artillerie to free some areas from players

special teams like UFC or SOC – they may help in the missions

Team cars, each team has 3-4 Eventcars with guns on it and special features which will help you

Each team leader is also in direct contact with the gameleader and can call in informations about the game progress, there are also mission control points on every entrance where you geht the game situation.

Our Orga offers a camp ground, showers, restrooms, electric power, security, live music and of course a sensational trade show and beer! The area is so huge that players have to be driven in a shuttle bus to one of the entrances. Believe us,  the ScenarioBigGame is worth the trip!

“ A new quality in paintball games ”
GRIP Paintball Magazine
“ the Number 1 Paintball Biggame in Europe”
Szenario Paintball Magazin
“ it was amazing i will come back!”
the hidden hedge hog