Basic Rules:

1. Use the trash bag provided for your waste. You can get a new Bag at the Office 
2. Driving around the campsite from 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. is not permitted.
3. Avoid of dangerous glass and rubbish.
4. Follow the instructions given by the security officers.
5. Reservations are not allowed
6. Drugs ore political statemenets are not tolerated !!
7. Care of each other and talk to each other !
8. Open Fire ist forbidden!
9. Silcene Camp - Quiet - This also means Quiet!

Do i need a Ticket for Camping?
If you have a Eventticket , it is allowed to use the Camping Site free of charge!
if you are a player, you need a players ticket, if you are only a guest , you need a guest ticket for free camping !

What are the Caming Site hours ? Is it allowed to come earlier?
The Camping Site opens on wednesday and closes on monday , so you are allowed to camp for overall 6 days !
Can i make a reservation for the Camping Site ?
No in the moment it is not possible to make reservations, but we work on a new camping site where this is possible in the future.

How about electricity ?
We have electricity at the camping site free of charge , but it is only basic, for charging a handy oder using a led light, if you need more, you can bring a generator with you.

How about Noice at night ?
We have two different options, a silent and a party Site, so use what you want ! At the Silence Area it is not allowed to make loud noices after midnight !

How about open Fire ?
It si not allowed to make any fire oder charcoal bbq ! Our security has the order to make many controls because we are in the wood and it is very dangerous

How about Pets ?
Please save yourself and your four-legged friends this stress. It is not advisable to bring your pets to the area.

What can i do if i get injured or ill ?
Of course, we hope that all festival visitors will be injured. However, should an accident happen, we have on-site paramedics who will take care of you immediately. Report directly to our first aid station or a folder, we will then take care of you immediately.

I have a problem, what can i do ?
We have several local contacts who you can contact. But please check with us that this really has to be a problem because we have a lot to do in terms of organization. Simply register at the office or speak to our security team at night.

Camper Vans and Cars at the Camping Site ?
You can park your car or your Camper Van at the Site however it is possible , but please remember – many people need space for camping so have a look that you only use as much space as you really need !
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