When is the next ScenarioBigGame ?
The Next SBG is SBG 22 and its from 1-5 Mai 2019 at the Gotchaspielfeld NORD – Our first 5 dAy event
The SBG 23 is from 29Aug-01Sept 2019 at the same location for 4 days

I’ve never been to the ScenarioBigGame. How does this work?

The first thing to do is catch your ticket! We only have 1000 and we are fully booked in a few days, bookingstart for mai is 01.03 and for august is 01.07 , you get your ticket by email.

Come to the event, search the camping site you want and make yourself confortable, our security will help you to find the perfect camping position for you. After setting up camp or parking your camping trailer or RV you can take your first tour to the registration, there with your name or ticket you get your players pack, event booklet and all the information you need, if you have questions you can always ask the registration.  The timetable for all the things to do at the event, please check the booklet we always try to be on time.

The game starts 9.30 with the briefing at the main stage  (check the program in the booklet). Check air and paint, and your marker in the chrono station , you get your team armband at the registration – so you are ready to start when you come to the briefings.

The teams start alternating on Entrances A and B. Entrance A is situated in front of the main building and is easily accessible by foot . Entrance B is farther away and can be reached with the shuttle bus, at every entrance you find a staging area with tables and seats and of cours air stations and a mission pavillon where you get the information about the game and how it goes in the moment.

Our Magfed Players also start at the main briefing , the will be transported with trucks to their gamefield , the gamefield is really big so its not possible to walk there, we have a shuttle truck every 30 minutes which starts in front of the main building, at the shuttlebus flag

After taking a hit, you don’t have to leave the field. A respawn is possible at your entrace or by one of the sanis at the field.

In the evening there’s always party and action, we have live bands on stage, scenario kino, dj partys a couple of  side events, like a pistol challenge, zombie night or a nightgame. More infos are in the program you find it in the booklet at our information tv`s , our big game radio and of course in our event ab at www.gotchaspielfeld.info

What paintball calibres are used?
We use all the calibers you need, ca. 68, 50 or 43 everything is no problem we have all the stuff for you in our shop.

Can i use my own paint?
No, the ScenarioBigGame is a FPO (Field Paint Only) event.

What is the price ?Do i have to pay extras ?
No, in the event ticket everything is included, choose the big game ticket for 59 euro or magfed ticket for 69 euro ( If you play the magfed big game ), alle sideevents, tombola, live acts, games , everything is included , there are no extras you have to pay

You are in poland, is it dangerous ?
Definitely NO , we are a german company with all the safety rules ! We have a big Marshall crew, very strikt controls and a very very high safety level, we have security at the area and in the last 10 years there was no real accident ! Of course we also have fire and rescue service for you !

Which languages do you speak? – can i pay in euro ? How about EC Card?
We are a german company, we speak of course german, but also english and a little bit polish , you can pay in euro and also with ec card

Can i rent equipment?
Yes, we do have rental markers. You can book one of those when buying tickets.

There’s pro players everywhere – i won’t stand a chance!
Don’t get fooled by tactical gear – many of our guests are hobby players. We alway have 100 or more visitors who rent their equipment because they don’t have a marker. This is because the Scenariobiggame has a big advantage, you can decide what you want to do at the festival. With battlecry and flying colors stroming the enemy? Camouflaged in the brush and always on the frontline? go with a tank or scenario car? Sniper? Play just as you like it, at the front or rather in the back. The ScenarioBigGame field is big enough for both – something a regular paintball field can’t offer, especially the two big gamefields for Big Game and Magfed all together about 500.000qm
And the more experienced players are happy to share their knowledge we are one family the sbg family you never stay alone.

Are minors allowed?
YES – If you are 12 Years old, you can start playing the game

Are Dogs allowed?
YES – if you have someone for the dog , and the dog is friendly then its no problem we have a big area arround for walking with the dog, please at the camp and gamefield dogs are for their own safety not allowed!

How many people are working at the ScnearioBigGame?
Now we have a crew with round about 110 People who work for the event

Can i use a charcoal grill?
No, due to flying sparks and the high fire hazard in the woods (where we are) the usage of charcoal grills and open fire is prohibited. Gas grills are allowed.
Can i wear camo and use my replica marker, do i need a F at the marker?
Yes, of course. In Poland there are no gun rules for paintball! You don`t need a F at the marker
Can i use full auto and a light at the marker
Yes, of course. But for the players safety , lasers are not allowed
No Politics at the SBG!
There is no place for racism in any case! Let your politics at home we are a great and friendly family everyone is welcome , we do not accept political signs and statements against our democracy
“ A new quality in paintball games ”
GRIP Paintball Magazine
“ the Number 1 Paintball Biggame in Europe”
Szenario Paintball Magazin
“ it was amazing i will come back!”
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