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What is the Scenario Big Game and what makes it so special ?


Because of Corona , we have to change the SBG date to 03.09-06.09.2020 , all tickets are safe for this date ! If you want to cancel the ticket , you get full refund, please write a email to info@scenario-paintball.de

Its not only a paintball game, its 5 days of action, tanks, party and concert with your new big family – the sbg familiy

SBG means from players for players, its not a company its real paintball players from germany who startet 10 years ago to make their own event as a hobby – now we have over 100 crewmembers and 1000 guests – but the spirit is already the same!

Don‘t miss this epic Adventure on historical ground in Poland near the german border! The ScenarioBigGame is held on a historikal WW2 Area called Deutsche Sprengchemie with over 400 buildings and bunkers . There you can find cold -war-era soviet military installations, and many many real military stuff like, tanks, trucks, bunkers and all the things you need for a great Adventure.

Today, as mentioned, there is the Gotchaspielfeld NORD, europes biggest paintball field with over 20 gamefields. The perfect place for a awsome Paintball Festival.  No matter if scenario-, rec- or tournament paintballer or even newbie –
Here they all get together and celebrate paintball as a great, colorful and sometimes a really cracy family!

No Politics at our Event! There is no place for racism! Let your politics at home ! We are a great and friendly family, everyone is welcome , we do not accept political signs and statements against our democracy

Apocalypse STYLE
Apocalypse STYLE

At the SBG 24 we will bring the apocalyptical FEELING to You ! We will build...

the new festival Area – theCamp
the new festival Area – theCamp

Our new festival area – the camp! With 1500qm , a big stage with 16m...

New Event Partner Proshar
New Event Partner Proshar

With proshar, in our opinion we have the best partner you can get for a...

the scenariobiggames for 2019 are already online! Inform yourself about the programm and all the information you need for the upcomming highlights of the paintball season
“ A new quality in paintball games ”
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“ the Number 1 Paintball Biggame in Europe”
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“ it was amazing i will come back!”
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